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Windows: There are dozens of writing tools to suit the tastes of any blogger, writer or an office worker. Some of them are nearly an industry standard, while others can be an eye-candy without being overloaded with functions you actually never get to use. However, there are tools that inspire creative writing simply with its looks. One of such programs is Write!


Write! is available for Windows though it looks like it has been developed for Mac or Elementary OS (and the developers are actually planning to release it for Mac and Linux in the early 2015). It's only in Beta, but Write! can already catch the eye not only with looks, but also with functionality. First of all there are basically two writing modes: windowed and immersive full-screen. The later one is obviously aimed at distraction-free writing.

Write! supports multi-tabbed writing for quick switching between different documents. Visual navigator on the right side of the screen helps to quickly navigate through the document. The Short Story option is actually an overall statistics of the document: total number of words, characters, characters with spaces and the approximate time needed to read the whole document.


Write! boasts Textile and Wiki syntax support, self-learning autocomplete and a spell checker for multiple languages. A rich-text with the possibility to add links is certainly present. You can even customize the cursor's color. Write! supports a lot of shortcuts for navigation and formatting: some of them are generally common, while others are exclusive to this program.

Of course not everything is perfect with Write! You have only several output formats which include txt, rtf and a native wtt format. The program does automatically save your writing progress (so you don't have to worry about losing the material you've been working on for several hours), but adding a little clouds here and there would help. Overall, Write! looks and feels good.


Does minimalist and distraction-free tools boost your writing activity? Which one do you use?

Write! (Free)

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