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You May Not Be Helpless Without a Mouse

Bit ranty.

I watch a lot of computer setup and revival sorts of vids. And often I see the techs getting stuck at a logon screen when the mouse has yet to be enstated or such like.

They’re sitting there with a working keyboard but no working mouse. And they’re stuck, helpless to get to the Desktop, waiting for Windows to detect and install some driver or other for their usb/ps2/serial/wtf ever, before they can go any further.

There’s a spacebar. I yell at the techs but they don’t hear. I’ve used it when there was no mouse around, whatever the reason. The cursor keys move from user account name to user account name. The TAB key works, too. And ENTER!

And so the question is, how come I know this, and they don’t. They’re the power people! Or do I miss something?

Anyway in case I didn’t, the spacebar or enter will start you in to whatever account has the focus, whether you need to enter credentials or not. TAB hopping, too, seems it has always been available to me.

Someone want to confirm this as a legit tip, or educate me about some other world of computers that don’t respond to the keyboard at login time?


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